Broken Down

Have you ever been on a nice, long, quiet drive in your car? Then all of a sudden your car starts pulling to one side and making an awful sound that you’re just not familiar with? Maybe a suspension issue? Maybe a steering issue? But then you pull over to the side of the road in a safe location. You step out of your car and walk around it, determining what could be the problem. Then all of a sudden you see it! A flat tire. You immediately panic, thinking to yourself “what am I going to do?” At the moment, you collect your thoughts and get right on your phone to find a solution. You google “roadside assistance near me.” The first result is Brian Kelly’s Roadside Assistance. He happens to be located on Cape Cod. You’re on Cape Cod! So you call him. You tell him your situation. Brian comes out rather quickly, and immediately starts inflating the tire with air. While that’s happening he then starts looking for a spare tire. No spare to be found. You start panicking. He speaks calmly and confidently. He says “No need to worry, Ma’am. It’s going to be ok.” Brian then proceeds to remove the tire. He immediately finds a nail in the tread. He then proceeds to pull the nail out, and plugs the hole from the nail. He then inflates the tire with air to the appropriate psi, and reinstalls the tire. He then says “you’re all set Ma’am, the cost will be $25.” You then realize you have no cash on you, and asks if he takes credit cards? He does, and completes the transaction. You drive away very happy and in less than an hour from when you originally got your flat tire. You then promptly write a review on his website as to his performance, and that the speed was comforting. If you ever get into a jam in your vehicle, call Brian Kelly’s Roadside Assistance first at (774) 268-0792. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Published by brianckelly1

I am from Cape Cod, MA. I love the outdoors, and sun. I have a passion to use the sun for our renewable energy sources. I believe if we can have as many people as possible install solar panels, then we might have a chance at saving our environment, and save money on electricity too. Please check out my blog and links, and help us and the world's energy resources survive our harsh destruction of the precious, God given world that we tend to take for granted

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